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West Virginia Superintendent Says Teacher Walkout Unlawful - Education Week

With teachers and other public workers planning a statewide walkout over pay and benefits, Superintendent of Schools Steven Paine says they deserve more but work stoppages by public employees are unlawful in West Virginia. more Education Week: Teaching Profession
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Spotlight on Blended Learning - Education Week

While efforts to measure success are ongoing, schools are developing bold blended learning initiatives they hope can stand the test of time. In this Spotlight, discover how a district's blended learning program is building positive school culture, why personalized learning is coming under scrutiny, and tips educators can use to…
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With Celebration and Support, Teachers Can Help Retain Each Other - Education Week

Most of the proposed solutions for teacher shortages come from policy makers. But there are things teachers themselves can do to change the culture of their schools and encourage each other to stay, writes teacher Tricia Ebner. more Education Week: Teaching Profession
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