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One Key to Reducing School Suspension: A Little Respect - Education Week

A Stanford University study finds that a one-time intervention to help teachers and students empathize with one another halved the number of suspensions at five California middle schools, and helped build bonds between disengaged students and their schools. more Education Week: Teaching Profession
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Louisiana Offers Its Homegrown Standards-Based Lessons to Teachers Nationwide - Education Week

Faced with a dearth of common-core-aligned English/language arts curricula, state education officials asked teachers to create a homegrown, online program—and made it free to all. more Education Week: Curriculum & Instruction
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50 Years Seeking Educational Equality: Revisiting the Coleman Report - Education Week

One of the most influential and hotly debated education studies in American history turns 50 this weekend. See what's changed on five key education issues in the decades since James S. Coleman published his landmark report. more Education Week: Teaching Profession
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