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New Orleans Not Liable for Post-Katrina Job Losses - Education Week

A Louisiana Supreme Court panel has overturned a lower-court class action stemming from the dismissal of teachers after Hurricane Katrina, a decision that for now spares the New Orleans district and the state of Louisiana from having to pay up to $ billion in back pay. more Education Week:…
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Harvard Launches Initiative to Prepare Seniors to Enter Teaching - Education Week

Harvard University plans to launch a fellowship program to prepare seniors at the college to become K-12 teachers, giving them more than a year of student-teaching, a lightened courseload, and follow-up supports once they've started to lead their own classrooms. more Education Week: Teaching Profession
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Under Common Core, Teachers Band Together to Build Math 'Coherence' - Education Week

The common standards for math put a heavy emphasis on coherent instruction, and consequently many districts are finding ways to familiarize teachers with standards other than the ones they teach. more Education Week: Curriculum & Instruction
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