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Spotlight on Elementary Math - Education Week

Schools are finding ways to boost children's math skills by focusing on teachers and students in the early grades. In this Spotlight, learn how digital games are improving young students' math performance, how students' brain development affects their ability to comprehend math, and how math class can be fun and…
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Spotlight on Professional Learning - Education Week

Across the country, educators are working to improve their practice through professional learning. In this Spotlight, discover how schools are helping teachers learn new technologies, how educators are crafting personalized plans for improving instruction, and how to balance autonomy and collaboration to spur meaningful professional development. more Education Week:…
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Young People as Change Agents: The Obama Foundation's Approach to Civics Engagement - Education Week

To solve some of our biggest challenges, young people must be inspired to connect and work with people regardless of backgrounds, argues David Simas, the CEO of the Obama Foundation. more Education Week: Curriculum & Instruction
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