The classroom is a place where structured learning takes place. It is where students learn to fulfill their role as learners, facilitated by teachers’ insights relative to curriculum to make a better life. But how most of the students realize all of these, when the home as the cradle for the love of knowledge might be tainted by apathy and isolation? Or when parents may care less of their children’s academic journey for reasons of circumstances? Consequently, children might not be able to find meaning as to why they should go to school, and if they have a slight idea— the school is an ideal place to exhibit their indifference.  And this is the reality of my classroom. Students seem not to have a real answer for their presence, all they know (except for some) is play and misbehave, notwithstanding their dislikes to be taught and guided. The classroom indeed is not an ideal place, and how dealing with that reality is my ultimate challenge. Yes, it was hard at the beginning, though it still is harder today. However, I keep on thriving to the idea that something can be done, something can make these children worthwhile, and something can make them realize their significance as learners. Indeed, I may have managed a little bit to instill into their young minds the meaning of school and to their lives, but challenges keep on filling in everyday. But there is never surrender to what I have started. My classroom is a battle place of academic warfare— and it is where I stepped into to make a valuable and favorable learning environment impressed into their young minds. Creativity is what these children need, and creativity is what the teacher must exercise. Self-worth is what these children long, and self-worth is what the teacher must teach first. Believing is what these children lack, and believing is what the teacher must insist. Thus, creating a favorable classroom environment will make success possible.