I believe that my students are thinking beings and are therefore capable of intelligence than they have ever shown. They make sense in most of what they doing, particularly reading. They have a sense of purpose and quite creative in their ways. They believe on what they can do. Moreover, they know what they are doing. If I may infer – this is what reality in the eyes of a student evolving through the inevitable circumstances of life, that either learn them a lesson of life or unlearn them the value of being students in class. Learning is jeopardized by life’s unforgiving torments and some chosen mistakes– that make these young children victims, not on their own making but by someone else. Learning is no longer a fun thing to do; learning is no longer the inception of knowledge and its exploration; learning is no longer a process to live and make life out of it– learning has become a gruesome reality, that if you are different– then you are not a part of us. Things to learn for most of the students are the things they are not supposed to learn at a tender age. The value of learning is no longer their innocence filled with patient academic drill and value installation. Learning has ultimately become a struggle to survive in the hardest of ways.

What I can do to help students be aware of learning is to let them realize that learning is learning the simplest of ways to make life more understandable in tiniest words or in the most difficult vocabulary or in the meaningful shortest sentence written. Learning the good things in life will definitely mean learning the highest ideals of life; and the classroom can be the best place to build such an attitude. One simple activity I always put forward all the time before we start the ball rolling in the class- I make them aware as a person that they are capable of doing good things; that failure is not an option for a person to choose what is right and do what is good; and that ultimately, success is the prize of purposive determination of doing what is ideal.